Last week, we asked you if you were stuck on a tropical island and could only have one, which one would you pick? Silver Star, Monjunis, Herby K's or Shane's!

We'll be honest, we weren't prepared for your response! Not only were you passionate about your picks, several of the restaurants got in on the fun and shared the post with their fans asking for them to sound off as well!

Some of you even shared your reasoning, like Sheri Presley!

Some folks like Kathey Medicus rode the fence, but still ended up picking a favorite in the end.

Arthur Nerio clearly put some thought into his answer.

We're not going to lie, Julie Herrera had us ready to tear up a steak and potatoes at Silver Star!

Kyrie Green has a point, a Shrimp Buster and a cold beer is pretty much where it's at!

And some folks like Evan Michele just made us laugh!

I think Ashley Boyter is after my heart, that's where I go when I'm craving their Shrimp Aurora!

Donna Sindle, you're killing my diet right now... I could really go for a crawfish pistolette!

See the rest of the comments here and add your own in the comments section below or click on the Facebook post to add your own there as well! Sorry if you're on a diet like me... It's hard to live in the midst of so much good food! That's why I'm on a diet to begin with!

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