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With inflation running rampant, we're all trying to save a few bucks these days. If you're thinking of relocating or planning your retirement, these are the top ten cheapest places to live in Louisiana!

The cost of living is already considerably lower in Louisiana than in most states, in fact, the cost of living in Louisiana as a whole is 7% lower than the national average. The northeastern part of the country and the west coast are generally the most expensive places to live in America, with the midwest and southern states being less expensive. Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in overall, while Louisiana ranks 18th.

Yes, we know we're blessed to be living in God's country, but where does your dollar go the furthest? The folks at HomeSnacks.com did the research and came up with the ten cheapest places to live in Louisiana. They took the median home price vs. the median income into account as well as the median income vs. median rent. HomeSnacks.com also looked at the median home price overall, cost of childcare, etc... with data from the American Community Survey 2016 - 2020 aka the U.S. Census. Let's take a look!


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