We live in a world with rules and regulations. And then there are these little things called "laws" that politicians put into place and want us to, like, follow and stuff.

Good luck with that.

In all seriousness, of course, most of us are going to try to not break laws and live within the guidelines set forth for by the folks we elect. You know, things like speed limits, not stealing stuff from people, not physically hurting others, etc.

But then when you dig deep, there are a lot of laws on the books that are just plain dumb. It's the ones you read and go, "What were they smokin'?!?"

We dug a little to find some of the funny ones on the books. According to WeirdFacts.com and StupidLaws.com, here are 10 good ole Louisiana laws that you may have broken today.

Take a count and see how many you have broken today. (Although, no one better get all 10 of these. Oh, you'll see what we mean.)

10 Louisiana Laws You Don't Know You're Breaking

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