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If you haven't already felt the pinch of of a mosquito bite this season, you must live in a bubble.  I'm pretty sure I saw a few in parkas flying around during our last winter storm!

Louisiana's unofficial state bird certainly makes itself known in our state - but there are things about these disease infested, airborne hypodermic needles you may not be aware of.  Personally, I prescribe to the "know your enemy," strategy - so I rounded up some of the most obscure and borderline unbelievable facts about these literal suckers for all of us to get educated.

A bit of forewarning: If you are afraid of mosquitos, you're not crazy.  That being said, you may be crazy to live in the Sportsman's Paradise.  According to the exterminating experts at Dial One Pest Control, Louisiana is home to more than 60 different species.  As far as total population numbers go in the state, that may be hard to figure.  It is safe to say that it's easily in the millions to billions range.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mosquitos

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