Winning is fun. People who play games love to talk about all the "wins" they have had throughout their game-playing experience. Based on the results of last night's Powerball drawing we are fairly certain that one Louisiana resident is definitely going to be waking up talking about winning this morning. That's because Powerball officials have confirmed a ticket sold in Louisiana is worth $100,000 this morning.

Let's take care of the basics first before we get into the details of who needs to be double-checking their numbers this morning. First, there was no big winner in last night's Powerball drawing. So, the estimated jackpot will continue to grow ahead of Saturday night's game.

Powerball officials estimate that Saturday's Jackpot will be close to $52 million by the time the balls drop just before 10 pm on June 19th.  Okay, what about the numbers for June 16th? According to the Powerball website, the numbers drawn were:

19   29   34   44   50   Powerball 25  Powerplay x2

The Louisiana Lottery Big Wins page suggests the winning ticket was purchased in Slidell. at Purple Cow 108. That business is located at 2000 Oak Harbor Boulevard. The ticket sold there matched four of the five white-ball numbers, the Powerball, and the purchaser had opted in on the Powerplay. That means the ticket is worth a cool $100,000.

While that was the biggest Powerball win in the state last night, it wasn't the only win that could inspire a better than average Father's Day weekend. According to the Louisiana Lottery, there were five Powerball tickets sold in the state that are worth $200 bucks this morning and another dozen tickets that worth $100. Trust me, that's not something most people would frown upon winning.

In other Louisiana Lottery news, the Lotto Jackpot continues to grow. It's over $1.2 million dollars. That game hasn't gotten a win since April 7th of this year. The Easy 5 jackpot is climbing too. It's over $80,000 for next Saturday's drawing.

The Mega Millions jackpot is growing as well. There was no big winner in Tuesday night's game so that means the jackpot tomorrow night will be an estimated $30 million. As always we wish you good luck and encourage you to play responsibly.

Hey, if you play your cards right, or I should say if the ping pong balls bounce the right direction for you, you might be on this list one day.

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