One way federal, state or local governments can incentivize businesses and consumers to behave in a certain way is through the tax credit. We all like saving money on our taxes and usually a tax credit makes a new technology a little more tempting to try for consumers because they might actually come out money ahead.

If you weren't aware there is a tax credit of $2,500 available to consumers who purchase an alternative fuel vehicle. In most cases, we are talking about electric cars. Many of the major automobile manufacturers have electric vehicles and companies like Tesla specialize in battery-powered cars.

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Well, while many of us were wondering if the legislature was just going to get high and place sports wagers during the recently concluded session they did do some other things. One of those things was to accelerate the sunset date on Louisiana's alternative fuel vehicles tax credit. The tax credit was set to expire in January of 2022 but the legislature moved that date up to July 1, 2021.

That means you'd have to arrange to purchase your alternative fuel vehicle sometime within the next two weeks. How big of an effect his change in the tax credit is going to affect consumer behavior remains uncertain at this time. However, the change in sunset date could affect companies that were planning on making fleet purchases.

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Which would make total sense and save a lot of dollars. Say, for example, a company was looking at purchasing ten alternative fuel vehicles for their fleet. A $2,500 tax credit per vehicle that amounts to tax savings of $25,000 and would be an incentive for many businesses to go ahead and make that vehicle buys now instead of waiting until later in the year.

Now when it comes to being more frugal and effective with money, we are certainly not the experts, but we know experts, and here are some other ways, besides tax credits, that you can increase your personal wealth by just making a few changes in your lifestyle.

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