Shreveport native, 12-year-old Joey Gouthiere is hosting his 4th annual Geaux Green event Saturday, April 21st ahead of Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, 2018!

Joey's team will meet at 10am Saturday, April 21st at 883 Captain Shreve Drive in Shreveport and pick up litter along Shreveport/Barksdale Highway and in the Captain Shreve neighborhood. You're welcome to join Joey's group or show up as early as 9am to collect supplies like gloves, trash bags, bottled water and even Geaux Green Day t-shirts to collect litter in other parts of the area!

If you have any questions or want to get involved in Geaux Green, reach out to Joey at (318) 820-0295 or email

Joey and his sister Julianna started Geaux Show Love, the umbrella over Geaux Green and the Bear Share project, out of a mutual love for community service. Julianna's passion is her Bear Share project, while Joey has always had a heart for our environment. I love seeing young volunteers in our community! I say we get behind these two and help foster and encourage their efforts!

Courtesy of Joey Gouthiere, founder of Geaux Green
Courtesy of Joey Gouthiere, founder of Geaux Green


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