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Just when you thought we might be coming out of this pandemic, health officials have started talking about a fall "resurgence."  In states like Pennsylvania, authorities are claiming that the predicted autumn spike in COVID-19 cases has already arrived.  WPVI is reporting that the peak there is above their highest infection numbers from the summer.

Seeing that Louisiana hasn't exactly led the pack in keeping the coronavirus from spreading, officials here are fearing a spike in new cases as well.  We've become all to accustomed to the ways of staying safe, but some folks in Shreveport are stepping up to make it easier.

KTBS is reporting that The Shreveport Green Neighborhood and Ochsner LSU Health have teamed up to make 200 COVID-19 kits to help combat this expected surge in infections.  They will be given way for free this Thursday (October 22nd) at the Ochsner LSU Health Community Center on Margaret Place from 9 to 11 am (or until they run out, whichever comes first).

The kits reportedly contain personal protection items that can help you keep yourself and those around you safe from the spread of this disease.  The specifics of what will actually be in each kit was not announced at the time of this report.

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