If you like it, then you gotta put 400 rings on it? Ok, cheesy jokes aside, the newest attraction at Sci-Port when the museum reopens will be a 400-year-old tree stump. The stump was pulled out of the river back in the 1990's, but now calls Sci-Port in Shreveport home.

Sci-Port will open another section in the museum later this month. Currently POP or Power Of Play and the IMAX theater are opened for guests. POP is my daughter's favorite part because it allows her to dress up and play with everything from a doctor's office to a farm like she's an adult.

Currently showing in the IMAX theater is Hubble, Pandas and Journey to the South Pacific. To find out more about Sci-Port, from new movies at the IMAX to more new attraction announcements, follow them on their Facebook.

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