So this horse wanders into a bar in France... Sounds like the beginning of a joke that ends with a bartender asking, 'Why the long face?' But in this case, it actually happened!

Any other time, you'd be expecting to give a quick courtesy laugh and hear a follow up about a priest, a rabbi and a preacher, but often, truth is stranger than fiction! Especially in this case! As the crazy horse lady on the radio, when I saw this story on Fox News, I had to share it!

The horse's rider had what we called an 'unauthorized' dismount between a nearby racetrack and the stables and the horse ended up getting loose, running into an area pub with it's saddle hanging askew. The horse was eventually caught and thankfully no one was hurt, human or horse!

As luck would have it, this story ends without any 'long' faces! At least the folks in that bar will have a story they can tell and retell over and over again for a long time!

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