My dog Cotton is about a bazillion years old. He is older than most of the jokes that you will hear on this radio station's morning show. Still, we love him and we want him around for as long as we can have him. That means convincing him to take his medicine or tricking him into taking his medicine. We opt for the latter and here are some ideas that have worked for us.

  • Mario Tama/Getty Images
    Mario Tama/Getty Images

    Ooh That Smell

    Dogs love things that stink. That's why they are able to find your socks and dirty undergarments and present them as gifts during family gatherings. The idea here is simple, mask the smell and taste of the medicine in a substance that has a strong aroma. Canned salmon, peanut butter, old cheese, and Adam Sandler movies usually will do the trick.

  • ramzy Attia via YouTube
    ramzy Attia via YouTube

    Toss It To Them

    If your dog is agile enough to catch treats out of the air this is a great way to feed him a pill. Our dog would simply get a concussion from Snausages bouncing off his noggin but yours might be a little smarter. Simply put the pill inside the treat. Throw your buddy a few placebos and then toss him the medicated one. He will down it as if it were simply a game.

  • John Moore, Getty Images
    John Moore, Getty Images

    Distract Him Like A Politician

    Our political leaders often get bad ideas passed through the legislative bodies by distracting we the people with another subject. Your dog is just as gullible as an American voter. Put the pill you want your pup to ingest inside one of his favorite treats. Then when you're taking him for a walk or riding him in the car slip him the laced yummy. He will be so excited to eat while on a walk or car ride he'll never question your motives.

  • Norbert via YouTube
    Norbert via YouTube


    For most of us, the thought of having something good happen to us is even better than the thing actually occurring. Let your furry friend see you preparing something that looks like food. Be sure to make eye contact when you do this. Pretty soon he'll be wiggling with anticipation that he too will partake in the whatever goodness you are preparing. Slide the pill inside the treat and give it to him. He will think he is getting the almighty people food.

  • Antonio Silva via YouTube
    Antonio Silva via YouTube

    The Lick Trick

    What if the medicine you're supposed to give your pooch is in liquid form? That medicine dropper down the throat works about as well as a comb-over on a bald guy. You ain't fooling nobody with that. Instead, mix the liquid with peanut butter or even regular butter and smear it on his front paw. He will lick it up for two reasons. One, it tastes good. Two, dog's don't like having foreign substances on their paws.

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