You might be a very truthful person. You may have never told anyone else a falsehood of any kind. If you're not feeling your best or feel happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction will never find their way to you then chances are you're lying to yourself. See if you don't recognize that person you see in the mirror. I was inspired to share this with you because of a  short list of sudden honesty I discovered on a website called


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    If I Just Had "X" Things Would Be So Much Better

    A lot of us would substitute that "X" with love, money, or companionship. We think what we need to be happy will come from the outside. Money is transportation it will get you from place to place. The more you have the faster you go. Love is a two way street you can't get until you give and you can't give until you learn how to love yourself. Companionship might simply be your way of saying I am looking for someone to share my plight. Maybe if you substitute the "X" with the word "me" you'd be able to get past yourself and into a brighter light.

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    I'll Do It Someday

    I will do that trip to Europe someday. Someday I will volunteer at my church. Someday I will take a dance class or learn a foreign language or jump from a plane. Someday is further away than tomorrow. It will always be that far away until you make someday now. Life is fleeting and the sense of regret you feel for not living your life up to your expectations takes a toll on you everyday. Avoid someday and find yourself in today and more importantly now. You'd be surprised how that changes your ability to believe in happiness.

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    I'm Trapped, I'm Stuck

    There is no worse feeling than that of being restrained against your wishes. None of us wants to be locked up or shackled yet we do that to ourselves everyday. We want to be a writer, we want take a class, we want to run a 5K, we "can't" because our job, our life, our situation has us indentured to a slow agonizing death. You do realize that you hold the key to the chains that bind you? The only thing stopping you from doing anything is you. Okay, now back to your prison it's obvious you're more comfortable there.

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    I'm Not Ready

    I was never ready to learn to swim until I was put in the water. I was never ready to drive a car until I was behind the wheel. You're more ready than you think. The problem a lot of us face is we aren't willing to ride the learning curve. I'm not ready for love. Love doesn't go from zero to sixty in two dates. It takes time. You are as ready today as you need to be to begin. Once you begin you'll find you were already ready a long time ago.

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    I'm Not Good Enough

    What is good enough? Who has the measuring stick? Who decides who is good enough and who isn't?  In a case where you get to be your own judge and jury then I think you've got a pretty darn good chance of winning. You are good enough to be you. It's all you can be anyway. Society and the rest of the world be damned. It's your life you can live it or die a little more everyday.