In case anyone is listening out there and wants to do something nice...

Easter is just about upon us. As an adult, I will watch all of the children run around a backyard looking for eggs. The older children will knock each other over to find their treasure while the younger ones will get tired after about seven eggs and find something else to do. It's a fun tradition.

But it sucks when you're an adult.

First off, let me apologize for using less-than-stellar language when discussing Easter. Second, I've found a way to still have the thrill of Easter as an adult. Well, besides eating all of the deviled eggs before grace has been said. I think it would be fun to create an Easter basket exchange. You could draw names just like you do for Secret Santa, but for this holiday you would put together a basket full of goodies for the person whose name you drew.

So what could you put in that basket? I've got a list of the must-haves in an Easter basket. I don't think these things are too out of the question.

1. One Candy Item: Since it is Easter, I think it's appropriate to put the person's favorite candy in their basket. For me that will be anything chocolate and peanut butter.

2. One Bottle of Booze: Don't go overboard here. It can be a bottle of wine or a small bottle of that person's favorite liquor. I'll take a bottle of champagne in my basket because I'm basic.

3. One Gift Card: Nothing over $15. We're not trying to break the bank here, but a little spending cash as Starbucks, Amazon or Target would go a long way. It says "Buy something on me." I'll take the caffeine please.

4. One Home Item: This can be something as simple as a unique coffee mug or a candle. Find something that reminds you of the person that you're shopping for. I'm a candle lover so light it up!

5. One Bath Item: Who doesn't love a good bath bomb or luxurious lotion? This item tells the person to spoil themselves. Even if it means lighting your new candle and relaxing in the tub while eating your candy, sipping your wine from your new wine glasses you got on Amazon.

See how this all comes together so nicely?!

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