Police responded to tragedy this week in the 6700 block of Woolworth Road in Shreveport, as a 7 month old child was found unresponsive in her father's car.  According to the report from KTBS, the unnamed father forgot the little girl in the vehicle around 11 am - and he found her at 5 pm.  The child allegedly spent 6 hours inside the vehicle when outside temperatures reached 90 degrees.  After 90 minutes in that heat, the average car's internal temperature will soar to around 138 degrees - the hottest naturally-occurring outdoor temperature ever recorded on Earth.  According to KSLA, it appears that he left her in the vehicle while he went to work.  She was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive.  No further details, including the official cause of death, have been released about the incident.

According to noheatstroke.org, 1998 to 2017, 27 children have died from heat strokes and countless others have suffered a wide array of heat related injuries after being left in the vehicle in Louisiana.  Nationwide, that number jumps to 747 child deaths by heatstroke after being left in the car.

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