Do you absolutely love tubas? I have just the video for you.

Personally, I've always been fascinated by the tuba. When I was in middle school at Walnut Hill, I was in the band myself and originally wanted to play tube. I thought it would be hilarious if the smallest guy in the band was playing the band's largest instrument, but the director thought the saxophone better fit my, uh, figure.

I will say from my own experience, the most tubas I've ever seen in the same room together was two, and they weren't played at the same time. This video? It features 835 tubas and musicians in one big ole room, playing a song together.

Of course, this smashed a Guinness Record, which was previously set at 502 Tubas. To qualify, the group had to play a song that lasted at least five minutes, and they nailed that with "O Tannenbaum".

The age range of all tuba players in attendance was 11-86 years old!

Check it out!


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