If you need another reason to love the Shreveport Mudbugs, I think this video will do the trick.

This past weekend, the Mudbugs took on arguably their biggest rival, the Lonestar Brahmas. Friday night, the 'Bugs and their staff pulled out all the stops to make their Wizard Night truly magical. Harry Potter-themed decorations masked George's Pond, inside and out. The sold-out crowd not only came out in droves, but most of them came to the game in full wizard gear. It was truly a wonderful night.

Late in the third period, the Mudbugs were tied up 1-1 and needed a little magic. So we called in a favor from our friends at Hogwarts. We found Zoe, a member of the house of Slytherin, and asked her to cast a spell on those evil Brahmas that would send the 'Bugs to victory.

Like the true witch she is, she screamed, "Mudbugs Win-eoso" as she launched her wand in the direction of the visitor's bench. Not too long after, the Mudbugs buried the eventual game-winning goal.

Some call it true magic, but we call it Mudbugs hockey.


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