Let the ___ out of the bag.

That's easy, right?  But 98 percent of people will miss at least one of these easy fill-in-the-blanks.

I love games, and since it's Friday and we're not getting much work done it's a great opportunity to play something. And feel smart!

If you ace this quiz, you'll be in the top two percent of America.  I took it on Playbuzz, and I did ace it, only because my Grandma Dorothy was a walking phrase vault and I had most of these phrases drilled into my head as a kid and they stuck.  Grandma also used to say, "It's raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock," but that phrase must be too obscure for most of America to know because it didn't make the list.

Answers are below, but see how many you can get without looking.  If you ace the quiz, Playbuzz says, "Your score points to exceptional memory and creative thinking skills. You read with purpose, and subconsciously monitor that purpose while reading a text. You catch satire and puns and can predict what is about to happen in movies and books. Furthermore, you automatically read letter combinations and scan through texts without losing your focus."  And, perhaps, your grandma was a walking vault of weird phrases too.

98% Of Americans Cannot Complete These 24 Basic Phrases, according to Playbuzz.

(If there is no context and they're kind of obscure, I added options.  If you play on Playbuzz, it's multiple choice.)

1.  Curiosity killed the ____.

2.  Pass the ____.  (buck, salt, pen)

3.  Best thing since sliced _____.

4.  Not a ____ of decency. (bit, hint, ounce)

5.  Monday ________ quarterback.

6. Back to the ________ board.

7.  Beat ______ the bush.

8.  Bite off more than you can ______.

9.  Burn the __________ oil.

10.  Bought the ______.  (sweater, milk, farm)

11.  Drastic times call for drastic ____________.

12.  Every cloud has a ______ lining.

13.  Fall ____ the wagon.

14.  Hit the nail on the ______.

15.  Let sleeping ______ lie.

16.  Method to my ________.

17.  Don't give up your ______ job.

18.  Not _____ with a full deck.

19.  Jump ____ the bandwagon.

20.  Let the ____ out of the bag.

21.  Put _____ over other people's eyes.

22. Take it with a grain of ______.

23.  Drive ____ the wall

24.  Plead the _____.

Slice bread is really not that great, is it?  And we don't salt things as much as we used to, so taking something with a grain of salt would be kind of a big deal.  Anyway, here are the answers and I hope you had fun.

Answer Key:

1.  cat

2.  buck

3.  bread

4. hint

5.  morning

6.  drawing

7.  around

8.  chew

9. midnight

10.  farm

11.  measures

12.  silver

13.  off

14.  head

15.  dogs

16.  madness

17.  dream

18.  playing

19.  on

20.  cat

21. wool

22.  salt

23.  up

24.  fifth

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