A man found a box of cash near an ATM at a Michigan credit union on Tuesday.  According to the security video from the ATM, he put the money in his car and drove away.  But, wait. What the video didn’t show was he actually parked his car at the Westland Credit Union, then walked inside with the cash he found. As he placed it on the counter and asked if there was a reward for $40,000, they just stared at him with a confused look. Before taking it inside, he noticed there was a tag that said "$40,000" with the cash. It turned out there was only $27,000 left inside of the ATM.


After looking at the security video, they discovered an armored security guard had left the box after he unloaded several boxes of cash from the ATM. Shortly after that, the video shows George Condash looking in the box.  The bank rewarded Condash with an undisclosed amount of money.

That could have been a significant loss for them if he had not turned in the cash.  And I’m sure with ATM footage, they could have tracked him down, which would have been an entirely different story.

I love that there are good Samaritans out there.

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