Late last week, I got a sweet message from my friend Tracey James. She had been shopping for fabric to continue making custom masks and saw a design she knew I would love. And she was right! She sent me a picture of the fabric and told me I'd be getting a special delivery this week. She dropped my new custom-designed mask of today and it's precious! I can't thank Tracey for her kindness enough!

My point is, that now, more than ever, when folks are feeling isolated, pent up and scared, acts of kindness like Tracey's mean more than ever. Just knowing that someone was thinking of me made me feel connected and a little less alone in the world.

Of course, your act of kindness doesn't have to be a gift. It can be something as simple as dropping a quick text to let a friend or family member know that you're thinking of them. I know I've always found that giving makes me feel even better than receiving. Perpetuating a giving spirit can only make for a better world and inspire other acts of kindness.

So why not spread a little kindness today like Tracey did? It certainly made my day!

Here's a closer look at the finished product. I hope you like it!


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