The New Orleans Saints might be looking at Drew Brees and thinking about that ticking clock.

Brees is 38-years-old, and even though he looked great at times last year, his career is on the downside. If they're going to make one more big push for a Super Bowl, they're going to need to get serious pieces, really quick.

Insert Adrian Peterson.

This probably wouldn't have been an option, if Tim Hightower hadn't signed with teh San Francisco 49ers, but that loss could actually lead to a huge move for the Saints. The team still has Mark Ingram in-place, but has been mentioned as a possible landing spot for LSU star Leonard Fournette, so the team is going to be looking to find a player to act more as a co-feature back instead of a strict backup.

Now today's announcement has caught some people off-guard, because Peterson publicly named his price in March, and if he's sticking to it, the Saints would be out of the running...

Though some newer reporting suggests AP isn't married to that $8 million number. He's also met with a couple of teams, but hasn't been offered a contract by anyone. So perhaps AP could be getting a little worried, and would take any deal to play with a QB like Drew Brees.

I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out.


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