As "the kid" in the office, It is hard for me to feel confident in the workplace. I feel that the majority millennials are having this issues when they enter the work force. I went searching for advice.

Career Contessa says the best thing to do is just immerse yourself into the environment.

  • have lunch with coworkers
  • educate yourself on the policies of the office
  • don't be afraid to question things

My problem when it comes to adulting in the workplace is showing my assertiveness. My shyness really gets in my way, and my confidence is lacking. If you're like me then you'll appreciate They gave a three steps to being more assertive:

  • Step One: know how you naturally come across to your fellow coworkers.
  • Step Two: Adapt your communication style to others.
  • Step Three: Use your body language to reinforce your message.

Step 3 is my favorite. I do this without realizing it. I think it is due to my dance career. I will out of no where stand with my feet apart in a wide stance with my hands on my hips. The point is to make yourself bigger so that you are making more of a presence. I just do it cause it feels comfortable.