Big pat on the back today to a local teacher who has been selected to serve on the National Cybersecurity Committee.

Airline High School teacher Billy Neill is one of 30 educators from around the country to serve as a content specialist on a nationwide committee that will be charged with writing cyber curriculum for our schools

Here's part of the news release from Bossier Parish Schools:

Billy Neill knows his stuff when it comes to cyber science and robotics. Now, his knowledge will be tapped as a member of a national committee focused on developing new K-12 cybersecurity learning standards to be used in schools across America.

This panel will get together online October 27-29 to develop standards to put in place in our schools.

The news release adds:

Once complete, the standards will help ensure students not only have a foundational understanding of cybersecurity, but also the skills and knowledge needed to pursue cybersecurity careers in greater numbers.

This panel is supported by the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Institute for Cybersecurity Education. Neill and the other educators will break up into sub-committees to review the standards. Neill will serve on the high school panel.

About Neill, Bossier school leaders say:

Growing a stronger cyber and tech workforce is the ultimate goal and Neill has been doing his part through robotics and cyber literacy classes at Airline. Bossier Schools places a strong emphasis district-wide on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), in partnership with Cyber Innovation Center.

This is one of the biggest growth areas in the nation's economy. says current demand for cybersecurity talent is outpacing the supply. It is projected by 2022 that 1.8 million cyber jobs will be unfilled.


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