We are getting close to the busiest travel seasons of the year. There is a lot of concern about possible flight delays and canceled flights this year. Staffing has been an issue across the country. Within the past few weeks, hundreds of flights have been canceled and travelers were stranded in airports all over the country.

We checked out the list of airport stats to find out which airports in the Shreveport region are the worst performers for on-time arrivals.

Here's How You Can Check Out the Stats for All Airports

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics lists the 30 largest U.S. airports, but it also includes information on more than 200 airports with stats on delays for arrivals and departures.

The numbers are pretty good for the airports right here in our area. The Shreveport airport has an 81% on-time arrival rate while it's even better in Texarkana where 89% of flights arrive on-time. The on-time arrival rate in Longview is 87.7%.

The Bureau considers a flight “on-time” if it operated less than 15 minutes after the scheduled time in the reservation system.

What Are Some of the Tricks to Avoid Flight Delays?

AAA says book early morning flights. You should also try to book flights a day or two ahead of those peak travel days such as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

More than 53 million Americans will likely hit the road this season. This will get us close to the numbers from 2019 before the pandemic. Most Americans will be traveling by car, but many will take to the sky to make that trip to see loved ones.

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