It's not official until later this afternoon, but seasonal allergy sufferers will tell you spring has arrived in Shreveport-Bossier.

Dr. Peter Boggs at Breathe America, an allergy treatment clinic with locations in Shreveport and Bossier City, told me what's floating around in the air right now.

"We just started to see what usually bothers most people this time of the year, and that's oak pollen," Dr. Boggs said. "But we also have juniper in the air, we have elm in the air, and we will probably have grass in the air in another few weeks."

For most people, the rain -- which we're expecting more of this weekend -- provides some relief. But Dr. Boggs said it really depends on how heavy the rain is.

"If we have a nice, soaking rain that goes on for a number of hours or days, oh sure. It'll absorb water and it won't float in the air very well. So for a few days afterwards, it'll be better, but not always."

Dr. Boggs said he expects things to be particularly bad from now until June, with a slight break in May. So, what to do about those symptoms?

"The traditional things are antihistimines. You can get non-sedating antihistimines and if they work, that's wonderful," said Dr. Boggs. "You can get anti-inflammatory nasal sprays that you can use. Nowadays, if you're really bad and those things don't help you, then you can either take allergy shots or you can take allergy drops."

If you need an allergist, Breathe America is located at 463 Ashley Ridge, Suite 100, in Shreveport, or 2300 Hospital Drive, Suite 345, in Bossier City.


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