It's no joke, seat belts save lives and my family found that out personally over the weekend. 

If you missed me during my regular airshift this weekend, it's because I was taking care of my step-daughter Lani. She had gone to visit her mother about an hour and half away. They were driving together, with Lani in the passenger seat, when a car pulled in front of them. The only thing that saved Lani from getting hurt worse was the fact that she was bending down to pick up a purse from the floor board. Accidents happen, expect in this accident, the only one that walked away without a broken bone was Lani, despite having to be cut out of the vehicle.

Thankfully, everyone is going to be okay, but it could have been so much worse, and I promise you, this 19 year old, her words, not mine, will never ride in a car without her seat belt fastened securely again.

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