In response to the growing Coronavirus outbreak, travel giant American Airlines is cancelling all flights to China.  A lawsuit against the airline filed in Texas yesterday on behalf of pilot union the Allied Pilots Association (APA) seems to have prompted American to take the drastic move.

According to WFAA, American Airlines attorney Lars Berg was in a Dallas courtroom yesterday because of the suit when he announced that the company would be halting all flights to China (where the virus was first reported) until at least March 27th of this year.  In a statement from American released earlier today, the airline said, "We will continue to evaluate the schedule for March 28 and beyond and make any adjustments as necessary."

The entire lawsuit was centered around safety for the crew and passengers, especially when it concerns the mandatory 32 hours of ground time required between flights.  The APA asserts that this is too much time to spend in China right now.

Delta Airlines will follow suit by suspending all flights to China from February 6th through April 30th.  Both companies will likely allow a handful of flights in order to recover staff still there.

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