Maddie Poppe, the winner of season one on the all new 'American Idol' reboot on ABC, stopped by the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this week for a visit and to perform!

American Idol winner Maddie Poppe is currently on tour and she performed for Thursday morning. This girl can sing… and Kellie commented that she looks beautiful while she does it, too!

Plus, she shared her memories of Caroline Kraddick on the show… And shared her thoughts on whether or not American Idol would work as reality show. Check out Maddie's song “Going Going Gone” on iTunes!

Maddie Poppe performs an acoustic version of “Going Going Gone”

Maddie Poppe tells us about her time on American Idol, including some stories involving our very own Caroline Kraddick!

Maddie Poppe performs an acoustic cover of “Rainbow Connection”

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