Kidd Kraddick

Kidd Nation Celebrates Good News Tuesday
We have lots to celebrate, and that's why we do Good News Tuesday! J-Si gives us an update on his little buddy Grayson! Plus, we celebrate a KiddNation member's cool new job!
The Word ‘Cyclist’ Needs to Be Banned
Today on KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show with Tidbit News, we learned why experts say we shouldn't use the word 'cyclist' anymore, the man with the perfect NCAA tournament bracket and more!
I Got A First World Problem
When life's technological conveniences give us trouble or our indulgences are taken away, we're having a first world problem!
Jenna Explains Your Dreams! [AUDIO]
Jenna from KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has been studying up on dreams and this morning she helped explain what Kidd Nation (and J-si) have been dreaming about!
Do You Tell Your Friend Her Fiance is Cheating?
Our resident love expert, Kellie Rasberry, advised a member of Kidd Nation on what to do when she found out her friend's fiance was cheating on her during this week's Love Letters to Kellie.

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