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KVKI and the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show can't wait to share this heartwarming trip with you!

21 families from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Waco, Augusta, Corpus Christi, Tupelo, Baton Rouge, Midland, and Orleans are heading to Walt Disney World for the trip of a lifetime November 18 - 22, 2021!

If you're not familiar with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's annual Kidd's Kids trip, it's truly something to behold! Families throughout KiddNation with children with life-altering and life-threatening conditions apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create amazing memories together that don't involve doctor's visits, hospitals, or needles! The trip doesn't cost these families a dime thanks to your generosity. For some, it may be their only chance to experience a family trip together due to medical bills, medical issues, etc... Because of the pandemic, organizing this trip has been harder than ever because the safety and health of the participants is of the utmost importance. Here's Dr. Dan, the head of the Kidd's Kids medical team, making the announcement about this year's trip.


As you can tell, the leaders of Kidd's Kids had to make some hard decisions, including minimizing exposure and contact with other people to ensure the safety of our Kidd's Kids and their families. While the medical team will be accompanying the families, the cast members of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show will not be attending this year. Another change is that we will not be holding our annual Kidd's Kids Day fundraiser this year. However, donations are always appreciated! Here's a HUGE thank you to all of the sponsors who made this year's trip possible!

Here's the official release from Kidd's Kids regarding this year's trip:

The Kidd’s Kids trip to Walt Disney World is happening November 18th – 22nd, and we are THRILLED these deserving families will get to have this magical experience! The health and safety of our Kidd’s Kids families and staff and volunteers is always our number one priority, and we have an amazing medical team on our board of directors who have been advising us since the beginning of the pandemic. In order to ensure everyone’s health and safety, the trip will look a bit different this year. Our medical team has created a set of COVID-19 guidelines and protocols that ALL trip participants will need to follow. They have also thought of every potential situation that could arise and have plans in place to address anything that may happen. The group attending the trip will be much smaller than in years past. Those attending will be the 21 selected families, medical volunteers, and Kidd’s Kids staff. By keeping our group small, it helps to limit the number of people who will be in close contact with the families. We are bummed the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show cast will not be attending, but they understand and agree with the board of directors’ decision that this is best for our group.

All 21 families are SO excited for the trip, and each one of the Kidd’s Kids’ physicians has had to sign off on them being able to travel. Our head physician, Dr. Dan Guzman, has personally talked to each family to make sure they are comfortable traveling. If they were not comfortable traveling this year, they were given the option to defer their trip until 2022. For more information about the guidelines and protocols the medical team is requiring, check out the interview with Dr. Dan Guzman. Dr. Guzman is an ER physician at Cook Children’s Hospital, he is also a Kidd’s Kids board member and has been the lead Kidd’s Kids physician for over 10 years.

As I'm sure you can tell, we're beyond thankful that the trip is happening this year and we're so appreciative of your support! Keep lookin' up!

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