The election for Mayor of Shreveport is on November 5th, 2018. That's less than a year away and lots of folks are beginning to talk about who will be in the race.

Local political analyst Scott Hughes tells us the KEEL poll does point to some surprises. He says the numbers show rough waters ahead for incumbent Mayor Ollie Tyler. He also says it looks like people want change, or someone who is not considered an "insider".

The numbers show Caddo Parish Commission President Steven Jackson leading the field with almost 38% support. Shreveport Councilman Jeff Everson is 2nd with 27%, while fellow Councilman Oliver Jenkins has nearly 9%. Current Mayor Ollie Tyler is only polling at 4.6%. This is a non-scientific poll and we will run it through the month of November. We plan to do a new poll in December and include any of the other candidates who might now be thinking about making a run.


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