A 33 year-old security guard at an outdoor trail riding club event has been arrested. Chadrick Dudley was at the outdoor event back in November 2020, acting as a security guard for the party. A fight broke out at some point during the event, then Dudley and two other security guards began firing shots in to the air in an attempt to break up the fight.

The actions of the acting security guards, (Chadrick Dudley, Trometric Humphrey, and Quonmesha Gradney) caused other people at the event to start firing guns themselves in the confusion. Two of the partygoers were injured in the gunfire, and several vehicles were damaged. Humphrey and Gradney were arrested back in November after the event.

Caddo Deputies were finally able to make the arrest of the last security guard on April 5th and Dudley was booked in to the Caddo Correctional Center. He was booked for illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities. The other guards were booked for the same.

It was an incredibly large event according to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's office:

"The night-time event was hosted by a local trail riding club and included live music, bon fires, and free alcohol. Event organizers rented the outdoor location in the 11000 of Gamm Road and hired the security company.  Hundreds of people attended. "

With the free alcohol flowing, the event was a breeding ground for violence. The security guards should have been more prepared to take preventative action, instead of irresponsibly firing their guns in the air.

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