Season 19 of the wildly popular reality/talent show "The Voice" on NBC has given Louisiana a chance once again to cheer on one of our own. In the blind auditions that aired on Monday, October 26th we got our first chance to hear and see the lovely Casmè, who hails from New Orleans, but has also lived in Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.

The singer songwriter belted out an amazing performance of Aretha Franklin's classic 1967 hit "Baby I Love You", and ended up with only one of the four judges, John Legend, hitting the buzzer for her. If you're not familiar with the show, the judges cannot see who is singing, and if they want someone to be on their team, they hit the buzzer sometime during the performance, and only then are they able to turn around and see who it is singing. According to the Advocate Legend said after the audition "What a beautiful rendition of that song. It's soulful, full of energy and spunk. … I love your energy, I love the way you perform, I love your vibe."

Casmè states that she is 39 years old, and the oldest of eight children, born and raised next door to the St. Thomas Project (Development Neighborhood) in New Orleans. She was also a background singer for rapper and record producer B.o.B., real name Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. She's a newlywed, and her new husband's name is Gary Carter Sr. To find out more about this Louisiana girl, and her amazing musical journey, check out the article from today's Baton Rouge Advocate, and see her blind audition in the video below.



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