The Saints know how to celebrate, but they took it to a new level this past Sunday.

After methodically dismantling the Arizona Cardinals in Week 8, the New Orleans Saints celebrated a win and the return of Drew Brees with a locker room party that looked straight out of McKinley Street.

Facebook user Brandon Andrus shared the photos taken by Saints photog Michael C. Hebert with the perfect caption: "Week 8, Locker room celebration lookin like The Keg in ‘03👀👀👀👀

We've all been inside of the legendary dance club, and because of the fog and club lighting, the photos look like they were developed off of a disposable camera in the pre-smartphone era. The best part is, this look totally works for a team that knows how to have a good time.

Seriously, imagine being on the catwalk dancing to 'Choppa Style' with Teddy Bridgewater while Drew Brees is doing the 'Southside' dance at the sidebar. Totally checks out, right?

Here's to more celebrating as the Saints have their sights set on the post-season.

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