It's official: Drew Brees is one and done when it comes to his TV analyst gig with NBC Sports.

UPDATE (6/8/2022):

According to The Associated Press, NBC Sports chairman Pete Bevacqua confirmed that Brees will no longer be a part of the network's NFL and Notre Dame coverage. Bevacqua said that the decision to not return to the studio or the booth to analyze games was a result of conversations that centered around the former New Orleans Saints quarterback wanting to "spend more time with family."

The unbelievable busyness of an NFL career and then really not taking a break at all and launching right in with us with both Notre Dame football and the NFL, it was certainly an around-the-clock assignment. This was definitely a lifestyle choice for him, which is totally understandable.

While Drew is technically still under contract with NBC Sports, the Bevcqua said that the network "wouldn't stand in the way" if another opportunity presented itself for Brees. Currently, Fox has an opening for their No. 2 broadcast team, but reports say it is likely that Drew will spend next season at home.

As far as Brees' replacement goes, Bevacqua says they are "close" when it comes to making an announcement on who will fill his role at NBC Sports.

Does this open up an opportunity for Brees to find another way to be connected to the game, or will he bow out of the sport completely to become a full-time family man? Only time will tell, and we'll keep you posted on any decisions from the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

See the full report on Brees' exit from NBC Sports via WBRZ below.


Drew Brees seemed to address the report while also alluding to a possible return to football.

Fans had strong reactions on social media.

According to a report from the New York Post, former New Orleans Saints legend and future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees will not return to NBC as a studio and game analyst next season.

According to The Post, the decision "seemed mutual."

Brees preferred doing games over the “Football Night in America” studio show, and NBC didn’t have many NFL games to offer him. NBC soured on Brees’ potential after originally believing he could develop into the heir apparent to Cris Collinsworth on “Sunday Night Football” games.

Brees was criticized at times during his rookie season in the booth, but the worst of it came during the biggest broadcast of the year when he was blasted for his poor performance calling the Bengals-Raiders playoff game.

The 43-year-old is far from "done" with his television career as FOX still has to fill their top game analyst positions. Earlier this week it was announced that Tom Brady got a guarantee to fill that role but only once he was done playing in the NFL.

Greg Olsen and Fox have already begun discussions to make Olsen the No. 1 analyst, according to sources. If Olsen moves up to the top booth, Fox would have an opening for its No. 2 spot and Brees is considered a candidate. The No. 2 jobs do not pay like the No. 1 gigs, so Brees would have to truly want to call NFL games. There is a feeling that is still his desire.

Brees could also end up on FOX Sports' No. 2 team or perhaps he could snag a gig with Amazon.

For what it's worth there have also been rumors (better described as wishful thinking) that Brees could return to football via coaching or coordinating, with some Saints fans hoping he could return to the team to help with their new-look offense.

Not ALL fans felt this way.

NBC had no comment nor has Brees mentioned anything about his future on social media.

We will update this developing story once more information is confirmed.

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