Drinking water is a hot button issue in Louisiana.  We've been through brain-eating amoebas, massive chlorine burns, crazy smells, unsettling colors, and way more in Bossier City alone!  At least we aren't alone.  According to a new report from the Louisiana Department of Health, 556 of 1,366 public water systems in the Bayou State (roughly 40%) violated drinking water standards last year.

The latest data paints a pretty grim picture of our water infrastructure, and the steps needed to improve it.  More than 1,700 boil water notices were issued in 2018 as well, but the report makes sure to point out that some of those could be attributed to normal procedures after repairs have been made.   Speaking of repairs, the LDH also points out that over half of the water systems in the state are 50 years old or older - which is well past their expected lifetimes.  According to American Press, it would cost $5.3 billion to fix all of the drinking water related issues in Louisiana.

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