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All too often we see our friends on Facebook announce, 'I'm back!' Have you ever been sent to Facebook jail or been put in time out? It's more common than you think, or maybe it's just my friends?

Every once in a while, I'll toss out a question to my friend's list and every once in a while I have to wonder about the company that I keep because of the responses. This was one of those days! Turns out I hang out with a bunch of online criminals and jokers. Check out some of the best responses below. While you're at it, let us know if you've been thrown in Facebook jail and make sure to give me a follow you reprobate!

Dalton Allen - Obviously you can’t call Cajun folks another word and you can’t say f’n Amish people as a joke.
Tracey Burns Justice - I was threatened but not actually thrown in. I showed them my boobs!
Tim J. Smith - I served over 60 days in the Facebook state Penitentiary last year
Jordan Chreene - Every dang week. For dumb stuff.
Bubba Toney - I've had every suspension they give. Now it's 30 days every time. The last time was for bashing Nancy Pelosi.
Todd Carroll - 7-day jail sentence for posting a Bible Scripture last month. Psalms 91
Vivette Johnston Middlebrook - The first time I commented on a news article about Killary that I’d be ok if she walked off a cliff... #truth (I didn’t say I’d push her)
Jennifer Knighten Burk - I was just released for sharing our live stream for Word Of God to Facebook. So I may or may not be available on Facebook after tonight’s service.

I need help with tomorrow's topic for the show. Have you ever been in 'Facebook Jail?' If so, why? How long?

Posted by Erin Bristol on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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