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The words "viral challenge" are rarely used in conjunction with the words "great idea" (unless the word "isn't" is involved).  There are some notable exceptions like the ALS ice bucket challenge and the 22 Kill push up challenge - both of which benefited and highlighted some worthy causes.  The latest viral challenge making the rounds on social media platform Tik Tok is not one of these exceptions.

According to WREG, authorities are now warning Tik Tok users and parents alike about a new challenge that encourages the easily convinced to use a phone charger, an electrical outlet, and a penny to cause a spectacular (and very dangerous) sparking light show.  The incredibly stupid process starts with partially inserting the charger base into the outlet, then dropping a penny between the socket and the charger so that it bridges the gap between the two prongs.

Shorting out the electrical system in this way will throw the breakers if everything works out.  It could result in a fire, extensive damage to the wiring, and/or electrocution.  If you want to see what stupid looks like, please check out the video below instead of learning first hand.

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