It's official Rick and Morty are just messing with all of us! Season 3 ended with a tease that it might be a while until season 4, and well... it looks like it's gonna be a while until season 4.

Writers of the popular show on Adult Swim have said they haven't even started on season 4 yet. It's extremely well known that fans of the cult cartoon are desperately waiting for a new season but that doesn't seem to be hurrying anything along. At the earliest it's looking like 2019 we might see a season 4... But that's a might.

Until then we will have to settle with cheap teases like this below..

Ok yeah I might have teared up a little..

However a little bit of good news for Rick and Morty fans it looks like 2018 will have something new after all. While it's not a new season, Playstation has announced this year we will have a new Rick and Morty VR game! Check out the trailer below..

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