The bill that aims to eliminate all cell phones from the hands of drivers will head to senate.

Texting while driving is of course illegal, however, holding your cell phone in your hand while driving is not, as of right now. I know, that's quite the gray area when it comes to policing texting while driving as opposed to holding a cell phone in general, but this bill aims to help un-blur the lines.

This is a tricky one because Louisiana representatives are so split on the effects of this bill, if it were to pass. One side, the side proposing the bill, state that this bill would ultimately make Louisiana roadways more safe. I don't think we can deny that if less drivers are holding and/or using their phone that the roads will be more safe.

The other side claims this is government overreach, and would lead to officers pulling over drivers for simply assuming they may or may not be holding onto their cellphone. Leading to unnecessary stops and searches.

Where do you stand on this bill as it heads to the Senate floor?

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