The Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) held a meeting in Baton Rouge to decide if individual school districts should have the option to make their own mask rules. The meeting was eventually adjourned after things got out of hand with shouting, chanting, and audience members refusing to wear masks.

Twitter via @Fox44fred
Twitter via @Fox44fred

Check out the scene at the meeting via @Fox44fred Twitter post below.

There was a live feed running the duration of the meeting that showed how everything unfolded via @wdsu on Twitter below.

More video of shouting audience members via @JC_Canicosa below.

Video of a Pastor speaking to the group comes from @GregHilburn1 on Twitter.

According to @MelindaDeslatte they were discussing adjourning the meeting altogether since audience members refuse to put masks on.

Eventually, the board put the issue to a vote and decided to end the meeting.

Since the meeting was adjourned, the order regarding masks in schools remained unchallenged per @Melinda Deslatte on Twitter.

Per @robmassonfox8 posted to Twitter that medical advisers refused to go into the meeting due to the majority of the audience not wearing masks.


More on the situation from @ShermanWDSU who was present at the meeting.

More from @mariecfazio below.

Twitter user @allicat1214 responded to the news of the vote.

This story is still developing.

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