Reports show video of a Baton Rouge boutique owner fighting off a potential shoplifter who was attempting to steal from her. A scuffle inside of the store led to the shoplifter walking away and the business owner was able to get back hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

Facebook via WAFB Channel 9

Abby Bullock owns a small boutique off of Perkins Road in Baton Rouge named Wanderlust by Abby. Bullock had quite the interaction with a patron recently, as she was attempting to shoplift hundreds of dollars worth of items from the store.

Once Bullock realized what was happening, she confronted the shoplifter inside of the boutique and a scuffle ensued.

After a back-and-forth struggle between the two, Bullock was able to get the shoplifter out off the boutique and she also retrieved her merchandise.

The shoplifter eventually gave up the fight and walked away from the boutique. Interestingly enough, the video shows the shoplifter apologizing to the business owner and even offering her a hug. Bullock rightfully did not want any part of that apology and told the shoplifter to never come back to the store.

Bullock said in an interview with WAFB that she was proud of herself for standing up for her store, as she has put so much work and time into owning her boutique.

See the video posted to Facebook by Just Baton Rouge below.

See the full report from WAFB Channel 9 via Facebook below.

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