In my dealing with movie production companies I have come to understand the phrase, "hurry up and wait'. Such will be the case for fans of Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage. Many fans of the actor had planned to be in Baton Rouge this week while the actor was filming scenes for a new movie.

That apparently won't be happening this week.

Producers of the film, 10 Double Zero, say the filming planned for this week in Baton Rouge will take place in about two weeks. The producers didn't name names but one of the actors involved in the film reportedly had a scheduling conflict. That was the reason given for the two-week delay.

Which is actually a bigger pain the backside for Baton Rouge city officials than it will be for movie fans. City officials have spent weeks making sure information was shared about street closures and that detour and alternate route signs were ready to be placed. All of that work now has to be scrapped, or at least put on hold, until producers confirm the new dates for filming.

One other note about the film in which Cage portrays a detective "infamous for crossing the line when he has to," is that local residents might notice audible sounds of simulated gunfire during some of the film's sequences. There will also be scenes of simulated criminal activity during the course of filming too.

If the actors need any role models for that criminal activity, they can always sneak a glance toward the halls of Louisiana's Legislature, I'm sure they could pick up some good pointers there.


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