Facebook via Bayou Teche Brewing
Facebook via Bayou Teche Brewing

A shortage of hand sanitizers has some craft beer breweries and distilleries churning out the disinfectant. Founder of Acadiana-based Bayou Teche Brewing Karlos Knott says they just received the green light from the feds and they’ve started making it today.

“It is really pretty easy.  You are going to mix alcohol with some other products, like two or three other chemicals and then you let it sit for a couple of days and then it is ready to go,” said Knott.

The brewery is purchasing spirits from a local distillery and chemicals from local suppliers.  Knott says the hand sanitizer isn’t for sale though.

“We’re working with a local charity in the St. Martin and St. Landry area.  They are actually going to donate this to some local doctor’s offices, old folks homes, things like that.

The initial batch will be 55 gallons.  Knott says the only thing standing in the way of making more is a slowdown in the supply chain.

“If we could find any other distilleries or suppliers as all of the alcohol is being bought up for hand sanitizer across the country, so if we can get some more, we can actually make quite a bit more,” said Knott.

The brewery is known for making unique craft beers with boudin.  Knott says one they get the product to all the critical personnel, they may look into making boutique hand sanitizers.

(Story written by Kevin Barnhart/Louisiana Radio Network)

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