I like football. Heck, every Friday night during my high school days, I was in the stands at Fairgrounds Stadium (now Independence Stadium) and on the field to march in the half-time show. I did the same during my college days. I helped finance my first degree by marching more half-time shows for then Northeast Louisiana University Indians. (I thought NLU/ULM leadership shouldn't have caved to NCAA pressure to change mascots, but that's another rant.) So, I can say I know a little bit about football and a little bit about being a football fan.  In the days since, I never really followed any particualar college team or pro team. I do have a position, though, when watching football: "Who's the underdog going into the game" or "Who's losing" at any given point in the game. Now don't go all ballistic on me about that stance. Over the year's I have devloped certain loyalties, really! And not just because the teams have legendary coaches, great lineups or that they win a lot any given season. In example, while living for a while in Arkansas and attending an Arkansas college, I never developed a penchant for the Razorbacks. We live close enough to Texas so that I could be a legitimate fan of the Dallas Cowboys, or what was the Houston Oilers. But in these cases, I never claimed to be a fan of these teams, or any that have followed since, nor any presently. HOWEVER - I have developed an appreciation for our Saints, Tech Bulldogs, ULM Warhawks, the Tennesse Titans (I was born in east Tennesse) and...the Tigers. But, when any team I'm interested in, which at any given game could be ANY team, is doing everything right or doing everything wrong, winning or losing, I just enjoy watching the game. Don't think that I'm a fair weather fan, either. Because I'll follow a team that's having an incredibly bad time just as willingly as I'll follow a team that's on top of its game, such as are the present LSU Tigers. And the Tigers under Les Miles have had an incredible, record setting season. Every one of those guys from Coach Les to the last member of the third string (if it exists) "get it" as a TEAM. It is THIS aspect of the game-TEAM-that intrigues me. It is THIS aspect of the game that I am anticipating Monday night at kickoff in the Superdome. I'll admit some aprehension because of the way the Tigers started against Georgia. But you know, I felt like Georgia KNEW they HAD to go out hard for even a glimmer of hope to hand the Tigers defeat. I think they underestimated their staying power, their "kick." When I swam competively we would say those who didn't finish first "went out too hard"...and I think that's what Georgia did. One of the best things GREAT coaching does is to teach athletes to pace themselves. I believe the Tigers can make history for this season. I believe they can win the rematch against a team some thought would stop them on their home turf. The pace Monday night will no doubt be frenetic. It will be interesting to see the stellar athletes of both teams execute the TEAM strategy of the game: WIN. Geaux TIGERS!

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