Come to papa! A beer-filled donut is coming to a donut shop near you! Well, actually, it's only going to be available at Psycho Donuts for now, which is a donut shop that has two locations in California (San Jose and Campbell.) But one can still dream, right?


According to the Psycho Donuts website, "Dads love beer, right?T his raised donut is filled with a Rogue Mocha Porter pastry cream. To complete this dysfunctional dad delectable, we top it with chocolate icing, beer nuts, and a multi-flavor beer-mug-drizzle on top!"

Think about this, the donut will apparently be filled with beer and sprinkled with beer-battered nuts on top. Do you think a beer donut sounds delicious? Well, you may not, but the Pabst Blue Ribbon Dad may.

So we may not have a Psycho Donuts, yet, where you can get a Beer Donut and their Pslider Donut with pulled pork inside.

Until we are ready to step over the line to  try out crazy donut flavors, a Southern Maid donut will do me just fine.