We had a wonderful potluck at work. I loved trying everything that my coworkers specialized in. The corn casserole which is sinfully delicious, the rice dressing, the turkey, ham, Yukon gold buttered potatoes, a Heath bar cake, I mean I could go one forever. The food and company was such a treat, we all sat in the conference room and heard all kinds of stories and it truly was such a fun time. The good part, hardly anyone took any leftovers home.

The day after our Thanksgiving Potluck the work fridge had all kinds of random Thanksgiving foods. There weren’t any potatoes left but there was a bunch of ham and we saw those wonderful Hawaiian rolls. My friends' eyes lit up. She just yelled, “we can make ham sliders!” Another co-worker walked into the kitchen and said: “Yeah that’s the plan!” We all started talking about how the day after Thanksgiving is the best, not because of Black Friday, but the leftovers of Thanksgiving! I realized we all have our favorite recipes and concoctions that you swear by! Tell us all about the best Thanksgiving Leftover Meal in the comments below. After all these recipes are what inspire those odd burgers and sandwiches at some of our favorite restaurants right?


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