LSU seems to be preparing for when students return to campus and for when fans return to Tiger Stadium.

WBRZ reported that LSU officials may require students to wear a mask while on campus, including in classrooms.

In addition to that, university officials are looking ahead to the 2020-21 football season. Fans who attend games at LSU may also be required to wear a mask during games.

Does that take the "fun" out of attending a game at LSU? Well, we will let you decide on that, but if it does become protocol, would you wear a mask if it meant you getting into the stadium on Saturdays?

Students can take summer classes, but all of the classes/instructions are conducted remotely. Officials do plan to allow students back on campus in the fall.

Something else to watch out for is how many fans will be allowed into the stadium at the start of the season. People I have spoken to say the idea of allowing only a certain number of fans in is a possibility, thus you would not have a packed stadium on game day.


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