Some LSU fans have Coach Will Wade's back.

Wade is currently serving an indefinite suspension from the university after he was allegedly heard talking about an offer to a potential recruit.

That conversation was taped by the FBI and there is now an ongoing investigation into the matter. This all comes as LSU enters the SEC Tournament and prepares for the NCAA Tournament.

Now, some fans are not pleased with LSU's decision to suspend the men's basketball coach. Fans are pleading with the university to let Wade coach his team until the investigation is complete.

We have seen signs, shirts and now billboards around LSU and Baton Rouge saying to "Free Will Wade."

Here's the latest. This billboard is right off of I-10 near the lakes of LSU. Let's see if LSU listens to its fans or sticks to their decision.

I am going with the later here.


Here is what Will Wade is now saying about his suspension at LSU. He has requested that the "powers that be" allow him to coach his team.

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