LSU Tiger TV via YouTube
LSU Tiger TV via YouTube

The number of Louisiana statewide officials who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 has now reached four. This comes on the heels of yesterday's announcement that Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser had confirmed a positive diagnosis for the disease.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards tweeted the news of Nungesser's diagnosis yesterday. In that Tweet, the Governor and First Lady asked residents of the state to offer prayers for a speedy recovery.

According to reports, Nungesser began feeling ill on Tuesday. He is currently experiencing mild symptoms from the virus. He is also reportedly running a fever. Nungesser is not sure where he might have contracted the virus but he is currently isolating at home while he recovers.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, Attorney General Jeff Landry, and Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder have all been diagnosed and recovered from COVID-19. It is our hope that Lt. Governor Nungesser will also recover quickly and return to his job of promoting our state's unique tourism opportunities. And whatever else it is that the Lt. Governor does, anyone know what that is?.

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