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I'm sure you all can guess why...

There's no doubt that Black Friday shopping will be quite different in 2020 like pretty much everything else. How different? Well, the two biggest differences from 2020 and years before should be pretty obvious, but one of my favorite websites, WalletHub, mapped it all out pretty well.

Of course, if you're going Black Friday shopping tomorrow, you should expect things to be crazy, just not as crazy as in previous years. With our nation currently battling the third wave of COVID-19, it should be no surprise that many people will not be Black Friday shopping this year. Take me, for example, at the time of this writing I would normally be waiting in line at Target with three buggies. This year, I'm sitting at home, writing this article.

According to WalletHub, 70% of nationwide consumers plan to avoid Black Friday, ironically, like the plague. They say, "70% of consumers are “not likely at all” or “somewhat unlikely” to shop in stores on Black Friday".

They also listed the retailers offering the best deals on Black Friday. JCPenney landed at the top of their list, offering an average discount of 56.7%. Following closely behind will be Macy's, Kohl's, and Belk, all three offering an average discount of over 50%.

Dick's Sporting Goods dropped their average discount more than any other retailer on the list, offering an average discount of 31.8%. Their average discount in 2019 was 52.3%.

All in all, the overall average discount from all of the retailers is down quite a bit. In 2020, the overall average is 32.2%, compared to 40.4% last year, 37% in 2018, 37.1% in 2017, 39% in 2016, and 40.2% in 2015.


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